Very often we get the same question: What to have for breakfast while in Serbia?
Our answer is: Burek with yogurt. That is a must eat meal while you are in the Balkan! “The Guardian” awarded this amazing delicacy as 5th best street foods in the world,and we agree with them on that.


Burek is crispy, yet moist layers of dough filled with cheese, minced meat or greens, or it can be baked without any stuffing at all. Nowadays you can find sweet burek, as well as pizza burek, but among locals, it’s not considered as real burek.

Burek originates from Turkey. The first time it has been mentioned in 1498 and the first burek was made in Niš, by a Turkish baker called Mehmed Oğlu. Therefore the name comes from the Turkish word “börek”, which was used for all types of pastry.


Burek is one of favourite foods in almost all Balkan countries, but the taste and the shape variates, like for example in Serbia it is made round and cut in quarters, in Bosnia is made with thin crust and rolled up.

Both of them are super delicious, and amazing news is that you can find it in almost all bakeries in Belgrade.

Do not forget to eat the burek warm and with a glass of yogurt!