Belgrade provides many opportunities to explore history, art, architecture and Serbian customs. With Belgrade quest you can interact with these elements. BeoQuest conceived the idea to explore Belgrade through interactive quests. They are specialized in creating dynamic activities which, in entertaining way, enable discovering history, culture and Serbian customs, clue by clue.


explore belgrade


What is Belgrade quest?

Belgrade quest is game that will allow you to explore Belgrade though different tasks, riddles and challenges. The game is suitable to all travelers who want to explore Belgrade in interactive way while having fun, by solving the tasks you will learn about Belgrade and Serbia. Belgrade quest looks like treasure hunt – it is map (not an app) with different tasks that are not connected, so if you can’t solve some task you can’t get stuck in the city. The goal is to collect answers on given assignments which are scattered over defined area. No special equipment is needed. Just imagination, wit and comfortable shoes. In order to get points, group has to solve brain teasers, discover details on specific location or creatively fulfill the assignment.

  • Low financial demands

  • No special equipment in order to participate, just your mobile phone for taking photos (you don’t need internet for the quest)

  • Tasks are not connected

  • Schedule quest whenever it suits you

  • Quest is your guide through the city


explore belgrade



12:00 START

Meeting at prearranged place in the city center, introduction and rules explanation. All participants are split into teams and each team gets quest pack.


12:10 – 14:10 BELGRADE QUEST IS ON

Quest is your guide, task by task you learn more about Belgrade while having fun. Your team collects points by solving riddles, discovering fun facts, completing challenges and interacting with locals.


14:10 – 14:30 WHO WON?

Meeting at finish line, counting points and proclaiming the winning team.



Number of participants: from 2 to 8 per group

Time: 2 – 3 hours

Equipment needed: comfortable shoes and camera (cellphone camera will do)

Language: English or Serbian

The number of groups per quest is limited.


“What the map cuts up, the story cuts across” Michel de Certeau



explore belgrade

During the quest participants will be encouraged to interact with locals, and to see how real life here looks like, beyond spectacular tourist sights. Every location in the city has its story and we are unveiling them together. In that way we are saving them from oblivion, as the story stays alive only when it’s passed on. There is no better way of getting to know the culture than through encounters with people, in space they live at and where it’s created. Urban legends, romantic tales or secret messages: it’s all there waiting to be discovered.


With the quest, travelers will have a unique experience of Belgrade and memorable story to carry further on their routes


For more information or to schedule a quest, contact them on info@beoquest.net