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The city that never sleeps, with friendly citizens, hedonist life style, rich cultural and night life and so much more are the reasons why you need to visit Belgrade!
But before you visit Belgrade, this is a good source of frequently asked questions.
In this text, you can briefly find all the important informations if you are planning to visit this amazing city, that will help you to go to the right places and to find right informations and in some way to protect you against possible abuse.

We also want to help you to prepare the right adapters, to save your money for water, taxi or public transportation so you can visit Belgrade unburdened.

Position and short history of Belgrade

Belgrade is the capital of the Republic of Serbia. It is located on the Balkan Peninsula in Southeast Europe at the crossroads of important roads towards western and eastern Europe, at the confluence of the River Danube and Sava. Due to its excellent geographical location, Belgrade has often been the target of invaders, who left a great history behind.

The first settlements date back to the prehistoric Vinca 4800 years B.C., as the largest and most important explored Neolithic settlement in Europe and the first large settlement that was the seat of the most technologically advanced prehistoric culture in the world and the first urban, European civilization.

Formerly Singidium and present-day Belgrade, was the ancient Roman city founded by Skordisci, an ancient Celtic tribe in the 3rd century BC, and later it was established by the Romans. The fate of Belgrade in the following centuries was in the hands of many nations, such as Hun, Sarmat, Eastern Goths, Gepi, Byzantium and Avar, and in 630, Belgrade was conquered by the Slovenian tribes.

The city was first mentioned in 876. under the name of Belgrade and is one of the oldest cities in Europe.

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Population of Belgrade

According to the last population census of 2011, the number of inhabitants of Belgrade was 1,639,121.

It is administratively divided into seventeen municipalities: Stari grad, Savski venac, Vracar, Novi Beograd, Zvezdara, Zemun, Rakovica, Palilula, Vozdovac, Surcin, Grocka, Obrenovac, Barajevo, Sopot, Mladenovac, Lazarevac.

The official language is Serbian.

The official letter is a Cyrillic script, but the citizens of Serbia have two alfabets that they are using from the earliest days, so the foreigners can read it thanks to the Latin script.

The official religion is Christianity, or Orthodox Christianity, for which 90.68% of citizens are Orthodox, Islamic 1.29%, Catholic 1.03%, Protestants 0.24%, Jews 0.03%.

Official currency is dinar (RSD). You cannot pay with other currencies for goods and services.

Money can be exchanged in an exchange office or a bank, but not all currencies can be changed in all exchange offices or banks. Banks have always low rates, so try to avoid them.!

Time zone of Belgrade

Serbia and Belgrade are located in the Central European Time Zone – GMT +1

And from the last Sunday in March until the last Sunday in October – GMT +2.

Electricity and water

The voltage in Belgrade is 220V.

Sockets are standard European. But in the Roommates hostel for every bed in dormitory rooms, guests have available sockets for all connections: EU, USA, USB.

Water from the tap is drinkable.

Parking in Belgrade

There are three parking zones in Belgrade in the city center:

in red (first) – 60 minutes – SMS to 9111  56 RSD,  60 RSD when paid to the parking officer

in yellow (second) – 120 minutes – SMS to 9112  48 RSD,  55 RSD when paid to the parking officer

in the green (third) – 180 minutes – SMS to 9113  41 RSD,  45 RSD when paid to the parking officer

After the expiration of the parking, the driver is obliged to leave the parking lot and in the next 30 minutes he can not park his car in that zone.
Weekdays from 07-21h parking fee applies.
As well as on Saturday from 07-14h.

From 21h until 07h parking is free of charge as well as on Saturday from 14h until Monday till 07h.

Parking in Belgrade can be paid by sending an SMS message if you are a user of one of the mobile operators from Serbia;
buying a parking coupon at the kiosks on which you enter the parking time and place it in a prominent place from the inside of the front windshield, although not all kiosks sell coupons
or directly from the controller located in each region.

Also on the street you can notice the boards with numbers, and the boards actually show how many free parking spots are available in that area.

Public parking lots and garages provide the possibility of unlimited parking. They are open from 00-24h and are charged per hour, which is 90,00 RSD. Payment is made before picking up a car..

Be careful with taxies before you visit Belgrade!

It is very important to get information about taxies before you visit Belgrade.

We feel the need to warn you of certain taxi drivers after many tourists experiences which were very unpleasant, like paying a taxi service ten times more than it should be.

We advise you to avoid taxi cars that do not have the name of the company on the car.

You will see this if you look at the sign that is on the roof of the car.

If it is a white label without the company name, do not use their services, but also if the TX letters are not on the registration plates. We advice you to contact us, in order to reccommend you taxi company.

Because you can experience the fate of many tourists.

Therefore, below we provide information about the prices of taxi transportation.

ServiceTariff 1
Tariff 2
(22:00-06:00, on Sundays and holidays)
Tarif 3
(driving out of town)
Kilometer ride6585130
Waiting time750750750

City transport in Belgrade

City transport consists of buses, trams and trolley buses. Payment of transport is done by buying a time card for zones 1 and 2 at a prices for: 90 minutes of 89 RSD,  24h – 250 RSD,  72h – 700 RSD, and five days ticket 1000 RSD regardless of the mode of transport. The ticket can be purchased at kiosks.

When entering the bus,tram or troley, it is necessary to verfy the card by lean it on the screan, bellow.

It is also possible to buy a single-ride ticket inside the transport, from the driver at a price of 150,00 RSD.

City transport works mostly from 04: 00- 00: 00, and some lines drive only until shortly before or after 23h.

Night transport runs at intervals of 1 hour from 00:10 to 04h


Smoking is prohibited in public buildings.

Telephone information

The country code is 00381

The telephone number of Belgrade is 011

Mobile telephones available in Serbia start with numbers:


Important phones

Police – 192

Firefighters – 193

Ambulance – 194

The exact time – 195

AMSS Road Assistance – 1987



The story of politics and war events from the past of Serbia can sometimes provoke strong reactions, although this is often the case with isolated, very rare cases. Belgrade has gradually grown into a cosmopolitan city that warmely accepts tourists and all people.

The conclusion is that it’s always better to talk about some other nicer things than about politics and wars, right?

If you need more informations, contact us via email or phone, we will be happy to answer all your questions.

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